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HD-DESIGN studio is a team consisting of creative photographers, cameramen, and editors who love their work and strive to be better with every new project. Our main business is recording and photographing weddings, we have 15 years of international experience. We are known as one of the leading studios in the world, as evidenced by our work, winning numerous awards, including the top prize at the EEVA (EUROPEAN WEDDING VIDEO CONTEST), between more than 200 studios from 36 countries.

In the end, none of these awards are as important as the satisfaction and happiness of our clients, through video and photography we capture and represent the emotion of that great event in our unique way.


It all began with a dream. Hm…no! It would be expected to say that it all started with a vision.

To be fully honest, it all started with the first photo of a happy couple on the street. And the rest is history in the making, bringing people together, sharing their happiness one photo at the time, frame by frame.

Our goal is to capture those tiny sparks of joy when two people decide to “tie a knot”, those fireflies of light and love that newlyweds share with their loved ones. There is something innocent, honest and magical in trying to catch small and yet significant, unrepeatable moments of pure bliss. That is why we don’t just stop at photography, we do our best to put your emotion into motion and make a tangible tapestry of memories that you can share and re-live every now and then and be reminded of your Happy Day in HD!


We use only the latest technology in video production and keep up with new trends. We give special importance to light, movement and grammatical framing, which in a short time shows more details making the film more interesting and clearer to the viewer.


Audio is a very important element that, in sync with the video, makes the movie clear and enjoyable to watch and experience the atmosphere in your home theatres, so we are constantly investing in new microphones and recorders that record separately and maximize the quality of the recorded atmosphere.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I would direct you to look at our gallery. We do not take photos to get quantity, but we monitor the situation closely to capture the moment that speaks for itself.



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Reach out to us! Whether you would like us to follow you down the aisle and record the wedding day, capture special anniversary moments or overload with cuteness at a photo session with your children!



Just leave it to us. You don't have to worry – we will take the burden of practicality off your shoulders and make sure the final product is something special, that will hopefully make you go WOW.



You will receive your photos and/or videos on your preferred media.


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